Your feet can „feel“ the road at any step. Cars not.


We do want to revolutionize the future of electric and combustion vehicles with an unprecedentedly efficient, cost-effective and safe driving dynamics innovation: „sensatorq“!

Knowing the force at the wheel would mean that a car could “feel” the road.

To feel the road and its friction would mean for cars, that today’s insights and benchmarks about acceleration and braking had to be rewritten. Cars could accelerate way more energy-efficient and faster than today and they could brake much more effectively and much safer. Without „feeling“ the road, autonomous driving and the self-driving car will not be available.

Join our vision and let us together elevating the automotive industry!

Whitepaper “sensatorq”

(Englisch | Download, 230 Kb)

Whitepaper “sensatorq”

(Deutsch | Download, 123 Kb)

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