Your feet can feel a slippery road with every step. And you can tell others about it to warn them.

Your vehicle can’t. Why?

The technological history of the automobile is currently being rewritten disruptively with autonomous vehicles and e-mobility.

In addition to optical sensors, autonomous vehicles also need a feeling of the road in order to be able to assess a situation really autonomously in terms of accident prevention and efficiency.

The knowledge of the static friction index and thus the feeling of a road surface is, in addition to autonomous mobility, also of great interest for aviation and offers enormous safety and efficiency potential.

With sensatorq, vehicles and airplanes become data collectors that sense the friction coefficient of the road in their own interests of safety and efficiency, share this data with other road users and enable data providers worldwide to offer road information in real time.

sensatorq for Cars and Aircraft


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sensatorq business case PDF 2022

sensatorq business case PDF – to download please click here. (ca 1.5 MB)

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sensatorq Presse Artikel in der "Automobil Industrie"
sensatorq Presse Artikel in der „Automobil Industrie“

Press article in the „Automobil Industrie“ – to download please click here. (ca. 300 kb)

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